E-Z met™ 2mm Hard Metric Type AB-19 Header, Straight


Type AB-19, Vertical Male 95 Pin Connector


The E-Z metf type AB-19 vertical male connector provides 95 signal contacts and an additional 32 ground shield contacts in a 5+2, 19 position configuration. This module is not designed to be used alone, but can be used together with either a type A, B, C, L, M or N E-Z metf connector.


ECS offers 15 different standard tail lengths to choose from to provide various pre mate and mid plane configurations. Contacts can be selectively loaded to accommodate customer specific applications. Custom tail lengths and mold configurations are also available. For non standard loading, or custom applications, please email ECS at custsvc@ecsconn.com.



1. Insulator Material: PBT 30% Glass filled UL 94 V-O

2. Contact Material: Copper Alloy

3. Shield Material: Copper Alloy

4. Contact Plating:
Contact Area: Gold
Compliant Area: Matte Tin
Performance: Class 1: 500 cycles
Class 2: 250 cycles

5. Temperature Range: -55 C to +125 C

6. Contact Resistance: 20 M4 Ohm Max.

7. Insulation Resistance: 10 M Ohm Max.

8. Working Current: 1.5 ADC (Signal)

9. Test Voltage: AC 750 V Min.

10. Compliant Section:
Insertion Force: 100 N per contact Max.
Withdrawal Force: 20 N per contact Min.

11. Mating Force: .75 N per pin Max.

12. Withdrawal Force: .15 N per pin Max.

13. PCB Hole Size Requirements:
Drilled Hole Diameter: 0.7A 0.02mm
Finished Hole Diameter: 0.6 A 0.05mm

14. Recommended PCB Thickness: 1.6mm Min.

15. IEC 61076-4-101 Standard

ECS 2mm Hard Metric Type AB19 Receptacle Right Angle
ECS 2mm Hard Metric Type AB19 Receptacle Right Angle
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