Receptacle Right Angle




Insulator Material: Glass filled polyester, Thermoplastic, 94-VO, UL Recognized.

Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze Alloy CA510

Contact Plating: Gold over 50µ” Nickel, and Tin-Lead (See part numbering for thicknesses).

Contact Resistance: 20m ohms max. at 1 AMP DC.

Insulation Resistance: 1000M ohms at 500 V DC.

Dielectric Withstand Voltage: 1000 V AC/rms 60Hz for 1 min.

Current Rating: 3 AMP

Voltage Rating: 250 V AC/rms at 60Hz.

Shell Plating: Steel, 100µ” Tin over 50µ” min. Nickel.

Hole Size Requirements:Drilled Hole Dia.: .0378± .001
Plating: .001 to .003 copper and
.0003 min Tin.

Finished Hole Diameter: .032 - .035

Recommended Board Thickness: .093 to .125



• Available in selective gold plate at contact point

• Many other custom options available, consult factory

ECS Receptacle Right Angle Connector
ECS Receptacle Right Angle Connector


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